professional ground for horses


100% polyester grey
100% polyester black
quartz sand molding
polyester yarns
100% polyester
color white
300-360 kg bricks.
The fibres we sell are fully synthetic and consist mainly of polyester or polypropylene and the mixture of the two. The two materials are similar in parameters therefore they work perfectly as the main component of equestrian surfaces. Fibres can be found it three colours: white, grey, black. All colours and types of geotextiles available in our offer can be used both outside and inside of equestrian surfaces. Those fibres go well with silica sand. The recommended quantity for 1m2 is 3kg/m2 of fibre.

About us

Elipse has been on the market since 1999. It was transformed into a civil law partnership in 2015. The company has been working with textiles since 2013. The main focus of the company is on the production of textile clippings from various types of fibre materials used in equestrian surfaces. Elipse is known for its high-quality products appreciated by customers from all over the world. We process orders completely and arrange shipments to our customers.

Elipse Team


Advantages of equestrian arena footing by using Elipse company’s textiles:
  • horse security and freedom of movement increase
  • mix of unwoven fabrics and sand makes the perfect anti-slip and hard surface
  • stable and elastic surface is created by minimalizing surface impact on a horse and it protects horse’s joints and ligaments
  • high-quality and comfort of riding not only for a horse but also for a horse rider
  • the surface is best suited to all climatic conditions as well as it is environmentally friendly
  • it prevents formation of puddles, increases moisture absorption, restrains from raising debris and dust
  • it gives the possibilty of using geotextiles not only outside but also inside equestrian surfaces
  • materials used in footing are full synthetic and additionally are charectirised by perfect environmental and biological factors resistance
  • geotextiles do not decay, brittle or harden. Moreover, they are characterized by high-quality and long life
  • non-wove fabrics are resistant to bacteria which can thereaten the horse health
  • surface does not need to be maintained or preserved in an expensive or time-consuming way
  • non-woven fabrics are resistant to UV light
  • you can supply materials such as: sand and geotextiles at any time
  • mix of interlining with sand reduces friction between horse and sand so in this way hooves and horseshoes will not get old so quickly.




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